Monday, April 18, 2011


Looking into eyes so crystal clear
Seeing deep within your soul
I know your feelings of fear
But don't despair, for my love is here
Here, deep within the cobwebs of my heart

Sometimes I may carry on
Make you think my love is gone
But here it is flourishing everyday
Here it is taking your blues away

Really I care, really I do
Really I know all the pain you've been through
But I've had my ups and downs
Don't want to be made out a clown
Just trying to look out for myself
Just wanting us to hang on
Keep trying real hard to make our love strong

Now and then I may throw a funk
But really I just want what I want
To be loved by you and only you
To be respected, not neglected
Really I care, really I do
Really there's no one quite like you

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