Monday, March 14, 2011

A Mother's Love Lost

Rain falls softly on window panes
Leaves follow the current of the wind
Her heart is in so much pain 
As the preacher speaks of the beloved
She knows nothing will ever be the same
The end of a spirited life filled with so much love
A mother's soul has risen and gone on
On into the depths of heaven, on into the clouds
Through space and time to rest beside our maker
Her laughter has become nothing more than a memory

Her daughters feel the pain of loss deep within their souls
As they try to cope with losing a Mother's love
Tears stream down saddened faces
Mouths curl up to scream 
The heart bleeds for the beloved that will never be seen again. 

Rest my friend, your suffering is over; pain you'll feel no more 
She touches her cold hands 
Knowing she'll never see or touch her  again
She bends and softly plants a kiss on her lips
Tears stream down her face 
As she says good-bye to a Mother's Love
A Mother's Love is lost; her smile is gone
Her life is mourned, her laughter but a memory

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