Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Special Wedding Day and the Love We Share

Our wedding day was five days away
And I couldn't wait to be your wife
Lovin' you for the rest of my life
No more waiting, no more planning
Our wedding day was finally near 
Filled with all the wedding day frills.

Together, we both stepped forward to seal the deal
To love each other until we're old and gray
To always kiss our blues away

We continue to travel the journey of life
Proud to be husband and wife
Fifteen years ago I walked down the aisle
To my sweetie pie and pal
Feeling our love burst into bloom
As we made that important step on a sunny day in June.

Happy Valentine's Day to my hubby and friend of 15 years!
We truly have faced all our fears
Health issues, job challenges, soul searching and more
Marriage is a journey filled with the ups and downs we endured
It's a journey like no other that wouldn't have been quite right Without someone just like you that I promise to love 
For the rest of my life.

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