Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Prayer to the World

God grant me the ability to see other's faults 
through the eyes of You.
Teach me not to judge what they do 
Give me patience, grace and the spirit of love 
to endure life's challenges
Give me the spirit of wisdom to be transformed anew
Grant me a stronger faith that I might feel more secure. 
Teach me to forget the petty irritations 
that bubble up and cause my anger
Lead me God out of danger
Teach me to forget the wounds of the past so that I might heal 
Help me send out my light of peace and kindness 
into the world 
May 2011 be a  year filled with peace, prosperity and love
May the blessings of your love continue to be in my heart 
And in the hearts of others each and every day

Happy New Year's everyone!


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