Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mellow Madness

Thoughts of mellow memories float throughout your mind
Lonely daises waver in the wind
Leaving a fragrance of lost lust in its path
Two people meet and can feel 
the energy of physical attraction
Yet, they dare not speak or express their passion

Quick glances and soft touches torture the mind
Still your weary heart doubt's it'll find
That love partner - that magical sign
For now your love partner lives 
in the core of your imaginations
Those fanciful creations that leave a tantalizing yet, sour feeling in the pit of your stomach

Unanswered questions jag at your heart
Like a knife being plunged deep within your soul 
never cease to amaze you
Will anyone ever understand you? Or, will you forever be immersed in Mellow Madness?

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